Trump is trying to censor information on climate change


The Trump administration is suppressing science and climate information over a variety of government work, according to organizations keeping an eye on the agency’s moves.

The Trump party has been censoring posts related to the climate issues, making widespread alterations to what type of content that facts regulators should regard as appropriate, essentially forcing them to take sides between industry convenience and public virtue.

Silencing the truth

White House agencies have restricted their own authorities on the subject of climate change from divulging how emissions from power plants, automobiles, and factory farming is raising global temperatures. Maria Caffrey – who used to be a climate scientist for the National Park Service – put forward a whistleblower complaint recently and expressed to Congress that she was restrained from releasing information about coastal park flooding due to rising sea levels.

“Politics has no place in science,” says Caffrey. “I am an example of the less discussed methods the administration is using to destroy scientific research. I wasn’t fired and immediately told to leave; instead they sought retribution by discretely using governmental bureaucracy to apply pressure and gradually cut funding.”

Caffrey’s situation is not the only instance of government interference in this regard. Resignation came from a state department intelligence adviser shortly after the White House forced him to withhold testimony to lawmakers about the severe dangers we’re facing from the climate problem.

Interior department climate member, Joel Clement, also got reassigned. He recently stated that there is a “culture of fear, censorship, and suppression” inside the administration.

The Director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Linda Birnbaum, conveyed the necessity of a collaboration between the public and Congress on stricter policies relating to pesticides. She has since been accused by Republicans of anti-lobbying law violations. She recently announced her intentions of retirement.

Thousands of government websites have been analyzed to find that 26 percent of terms linked to climate change, has decreased over the last three years according to the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative.

Co-author of the analysis, Eric Nost, says,”You can have different priorities related to climate and how you address it, but what we’re seeing is a lot of obfuscation of really fundamental resources and information related to the issue itself with little notice that things are changing”.

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