Turn the world into emojis with this new app


The Apple iPhone is able to perform some interesting acts of computational photography, as is shown in a new app made by software developer Gabriel O’Flaherty-Chan. Emojivision sets an impressive example of what the iPhone can do, as it allows the user to view the world around them like it was completely formed of emojis.

How it works

The app doesn’t cost anything to download, but there is an in-app purchase available for a little less than $3 which lets you unlock more emoji packs. The way the app works is by reverting the iPhone camera’s sensory input to its elementary colour palette. It then seeks out a match with the pixels of the image and the closest relative emoji, and then reconstructs the image accordingly. It can operate at 60 frames per second, which makes it difficult to detect any lag that might occur between the end result and the live feed.

The app can be used to take creative selfies, to put a different spin on the photos you have in your gallery, or to simply play with the resolution and discover how detailed or how non-realistic you can make your environment.

It’s not an app for high definition or ultra realistic digital depictions of your face. It’s meant to be a fun and different take on the norm that you can share with your friends.

O’Flaherty-Chan has also made several other notable projects, such as when he hacked a completely operational version of Pokemon Yellow onto an Apple Smartwatch device. The developer’s latest creation is set to be a massive real-time strategy game within a procedurally-produced environment, similar to that of No Man’s Sky, although concentrating more on the real-time strategy aspects.

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