Two Irish boys (14) as the youngest ever convicted of murder

Two Irish boys as the youngest ever convicted of murder

14-year-old Ana Kriégel was lured into an abandoned house outside Dublin thinking she is going to meet her crush – and was brutally killed there.

The two boys who were her classmates who now become the youngest people in Ireland’s history to be sentenced for murder.

When the murder took place in mid-May last year, the boys were 13 years old. One boy tricked Ana Kriégel into an abandoned building a few miles from her home in Western Dublin, under the pretext that she would meet the other boy, whom she liked a lot, reports the news agency RTÉ.

Once in the abandoned building, the girl was attacked, and she was subjected to extensive assault with various adherents of the one boy who was also abusing her.

Her dead body was found in the building three days after she had disappeared.

Convicted of murder

After seven weeks of trial negotiations, both boys have been convicted of murder, one of them because he knew what was going to happen, witnessed it and then helped in trying to hide it.

During the trial, among other things, DNA evidence and blood traces were presented to the boys, who tried to change their stories repeatedly. Evidence was also presented to show that the crime was well planned.

Ana Kriégel had some impaired vision and hearing and had great difficulties in making friends, according to reports from several Irish media.

The 14-year-olds are detained while waiting for the sanctions to be announced.

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