Two more confirmed measles cases in Tennessee

In addition to the first confirmed case of measles in Tennessee, two more cases have been confirmed. Both cases are in East Tennessee, as was the first one which was announced to public over the past week. More information was released on the first case of measles as time went on, such as where the person went.

All three of the cases in East Tennessee are connected to each other. The man who was infected with the disease traveled to Mississippi and Alabama. Whether he already had the disease then is unknown, but people are being warned to be cautious. He also visited two different places in Tennessee, a gas station in Chattanooga and another in Clinton. The man was at these places on April 11th and 12th, and all people who could’ve come in contact with him are being told to check their immunization records.

“We expected to have more measles cases linked to the first one,” said the Immunization Program Medical Director of Tennessee, Michelle Fiscus, “These new cases occurred in people we had identified and were monitoring as contacts of the first patient.”

There’s only been a report of these two other people that have come into contact with the infected male. Aside from this, there’s been no other cases reported.

“The good new is there are no additional contacts of these new cases that have not already been identified.”

While there is still a risk of these other contacts of the other two infected people, it’s much more likely that the whole situation will be under control. The people who had come into contact with those who have the disease are being closely monitored.

As of this week, the total number of measles cases across America has hit the highest mark since 2000. The disease was believed to be eradicated, but it seems like it has come back once again.

2019’s measles outbreak

As the disease continues to spread across America, it is becoming more and more recommended that everyone gets the measles vaccine. Not having the vaccine runs a higher risk of being infected and thus spreading the disease further.

Health officials across the U.S. are saying that all Americans should get their measles vaccination in order to avoid contracting the disease.

In just this year alone, there’s been over 700 cases reported in the last four months. The disease has spread across 22 different states and it seems as if it’s going to continue unless a stop is put to it. The number is most likely to continue to rise, eventually breaking the all time high of 963 cases in 1994.

The CDC says that 44 people who caught the disease were traveling in another country and brought it back with them. These are what caused the U.S. outbreaks among unvaccinated people. There’s a large amount of people living in New York City at the moment who’ve contracted the virus.

If you or someone you know hasn’t been vaccinated for measles yet, it’s strongly recommended that you do so as soon as possible.

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