Typhoon Hagibis impeding travellers in Japan


Typhoon Hagibis – the 19th typhoon for the season – is posing a major inconvenience for many people in Japan. Those touring Japan for the Rugby World Cup have felt the influence of the preparations for the approaching storm as there have already been two game cancellations.

Airlines are also taking precautions despite the imposition it might be causing for thousands of travellers. Tomorrow’s departures and arrivals from Haneda and Narita (Tokyo airports) have been called off, impacting roughly 1200 flights and close to 190,000 passengers.

Japan Airlines (JAL) told customers that they “will not charge any handling fees for the changes or refunds resulting from the anticipated effects on operations caused by bad weather or natural disasters.”

Travelling around Japan’s capital will not be easy these next two days

The majority of train schedules will likely be affected as well tomorrow. Most train and subway services near Tokyo are expected to be suspended prior to 12pm.

The Central Japan Railway Company said that it has stopped almost every bullet train leaving Tokyo tomorrow – around 400 departures. The East Japan Railway Company said on its website, “There is a possibility that operations of the conventional lines and Shinkansen will be suspended on October 12 and 13 due to Typhoon No.19”.

Walking, riding, driving, or taking a cab around town will also be a little tricky, as several roads near Tokyo have been shut down, and more will be closed as Hagibis draws closer.

Typhoon Hagibis was recently categorized as a super typhoon, but the Joint Typhoon Warning Center has since reduced it to a regular typhoon, with consistent wind speeds of 220 kph (136 mph) – the same as a level four hurricane.

Hagibis’ latest heading is north-north-west moving at approximately 22 kph (13.6 mph) and it is expected to diminish as it gets closer to Tokyo over the next day and a half.

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