Uber seeks to improve diversity and equality


Modern times have called for more diversity and equality in the workplace; it’s the mark of a progressive company to keep up to the standards in this regard. Uber, the American multi-national transportation network company, is now getting on-board with this notion.

Although the majority of Uber’s employees are white and Asian, noteworthy progress has been made in the representation of black and Latinx individuals. The company’s employees are now 9.3 percent black and 8.3 percent Latinx, whereas last year they had 8.1 percent black and 6.1 percent Latinx.

Although improvement has been made, Ellen Pao of Project Include feels that these figures are not good enough. She believes that these numbers should be closer to 13 percent black and 17 percent Latinx as a reflection of the demographics in the United States population.

“I think one area where we are improving but continue to need to improve is to increase the percentage of people of color at Uber,”says Uber’s Chief Executive Office, Dara Khosrowshahi. “In general, both black and Latinx employees. But not only increasing representation but also really understanding the experience of a POC at Uber – their engagement and their satisfaction.”

Pay inequality

Another factor is the decrease in POC percentages of those in the higher-paying positions such as the tech roles. Uber’s tech division is only 3.6 percent black, 4.4 percent Latinx, and 2.7 percent multi-racial. Meanwhile, lower-paying roles such as the support staff consist of 32.4 percent black people, and 22.8 percent Latinx.

According to Uber’s Chief Diversity Officer, Bo Young Lee, improvements have been made in all sectors, and Uber should invest in lower levels to aid the growth of underrepresented persons in higher levels. “In order to make that change happen, we have to get people through the pipeline at levels below,” said Lee.

However, Khosrowshahi feels that it shouldn’t be that simple when it comes to climbing the ranks at Uber. “I never want it to be easy because I want movement at Uber to be challenging and rewarding, but that challenge and reward should be available for everyone regardless of gender, colour, or beliefs,” said Khosrowshahi. “We still have work to do as a company to make sure that challenge and reward is equally available to everyone.”

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