Uber’s e-bike hits London


Uber has introduced their pilot project, Jump e-bikes, with 350 bikes designated to the borough of Islington. Jump bikes will be available through the Uber app next to their other options such as UberX and UberPool. Cost for the Jump bike is based on how it functions in the U.S. To unlock the bike will cost you £1, after which, riding it will cost £0.12 each minute. The bike can reach around 15mph and is currently restricted to the Islington area. Still, this may be a better solution to having a car in a congested city environment.

Safe, convenient, and diverse.

“There is now one more transport alternative for the 3.5 million people who use the Uber app in the capital,” says Uber’s General Manager for Northern and Eastern Europe, Jamie Heywood. “Over time, it’s our goal to help people replace their car with their phone by offering a range of mobility options – whether cars, bikes or public transport, all in the Uber app.”

General Manager of Jump EMEA, Christian Freese, stated, “We’re excited to bring Jump bikes to Islington, our first launch in London. With our electric bikes, we hope to encourage more people to try an environmentally friendly way to get across the city.” he further expressed, “Our Jump bikes have been designed with safety in mind, with a sturdy frame and a bright red colour that makes them visible to other road users. The app explains features of the bike before your first trip so you can ride confidently. We encourage everyone to think about wearing a helmet, follow all traffic laws and break early and gradually.”

“We’re working hard to make Islington an attractive and easier place to walk and cycle. We’re pleased to welcome Jump to Islington. Bike sharing offers a simple way for many residents, workers and visitors to get around quickly, cheaply and conveniently,” said Islington councillor, Claudia Webbe. “Shared electric bikes are accessible to many people of different ages and fitness levels, and can help encourage even more people to switch to cycling, which is healthier and more environmentally friendly.”

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