UK requires more qualified employees

UK requires more qualified employees

According to UK government, job availability and diversity through the non-European skilled work visa should be increased due to the Brexit situation having raised a lot of concerns. Occupational therapists, veterinarians, web developers, archaeologists, and psychologists are some of the career positions expected to be put on the shortage occupation list, says the migration advisory committee. The committee said in a recent review that their suggestions would put an additional 2.5 million workers on the shortage list. That’s an increase of 8 percent of total employment, as the figure at the moment is less than 1 percent. Professions in IT and healthcare would be the primary sectors to be included.

The Chairman of the migration advisory committee, Professor Alan Manning, says, “The labour market is very different now from the last SOL (shortage occupation list) review in 2013. Unemployment is lower, vacancies higher, and free movement no longer providing the ready supply of workers it once did for some employers. In addition, there is considerable uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the future immigration system. Together these factors lead to a high level of employer concern.”

What else will change?

The review further recommended removing certain restrictions from numerous job titles on the list such as social workers, medical practitioners, artists (mainly referring to animation, visual and audio effects, and computer gaming industries), and several varying engineering segments. Head of people policy at the British Chambers of Commerce, Jane Gratton, stated, “Expanding the shortage occupation list will help businesses access the skills they need when they can’t recruit locally. But the ending of free movement will present significant costs and challenges for employers.”

Right now the list contains 34 careers with 143 job categories. As an employee in a field that is on the shortage occupation list, you would be excluded from the minimum income threshold of £35,000 and you would also have reduced visa fees.

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