US space force is expected to cover up to 20,000 soldiers


At first, the idea of ​​US President Trump sounded like straight out of a science fiction movie. Now it is set to become reality until next year: The US government reveals plans for a “space force”.

Washington / Colorado Springs – The planned US space force is said to have a workforce of 15,000 to 20,000 persons. Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan revealed this fact at a space travel symposium in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He emphasized that the planned “United States Space Force” was thus comparatively small. It would actually be by far the smallest part of the armed forces alongside the previous five: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. Shanahan emphasized that the overall costs and the bureaucracy for the construction of the new unit are rather low, but the effectiveness is enormous. He advertised the new armed force as being able to protect the fundamental security interests of the United States.

Space is now a place of warfare, Shanahan warns. There are big threats – especially by China and Russia. “We will not sit back and watch, we have to act,” he said. “Because so much is at stake, we need to move quickly.” Space is essential to modern life and modern warfare. “The future of America depends on space.”

For months, the US government has been pushing ahead with its plans to create its own space force. The government has submitted a proposal to Congress. MEPs still have to agree to the plans.
At the end of March, US President Donald Trump had already appointed a commander for the new space command of the armed forces. The “United States Space Command” is going to bundle previous space activities of other commands under one roof.

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