Vivo is expanding its reach into Africa and the Middle East


Lately, the African phone market has been largely commanded by the Shenzhen-based company, Transsion. Beyond Africa, Transsion isn’t particularly well-known, but they’re now preparing for an IPO in China. Their Chinese equal Vivo is following the same path in the hopes of gaining a portion of the African phone market.

Vivo – fifth on the list of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturers – recently revealed that they’ll be introducing the economical Y series smartphones to Nigeria, Kenya, and Egypt.

Price matters

Affordability is major factor for any smartphone company that is looking to grab a piece of the African market. This is why Transsion surged forward into a leading spot on the continent where their smartphones can be purchased for under $20. Vivo’s Y series – with costs as low as $170 – are trying for a place alongside Transsion (34.3 percent market share), Samsung (22.6 percent market share), and Huawei (9.9 percent market share).

The Middle East is also featuring into Vivo’s recent expansion goals regardless of region’s decline in smartphone volumes. Right now the Y series is available in the United Arab Emirates, but it will soon be introduced in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain in the next few months.

“Since our first entry into international markets in 2014, we have been dedicated to understanding the needs of consumers through in-depth research in an effort to bring innovative products and services to meet changing lifestyle needs,” stated Vivo’s Senior Vice President, Spark Ni. “The Middle East and Africa markets are important to us, and we will tailor our approach with consumers’ needs in mind. The launch of Y series is just the beginning. We look forward to bringing our other widely popular products beyond Y series to consumers in the Middle East and Africa very soon”.

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