Where have you seen these IKEA living rooms before?

ikea stranger things room

The marketing department of IKEA is well awake. The Swedish furniture giant has found a funny way to respond to TV series.

IKEA has copied living rooms of famous series in a new advertising campaign.

Subsequently, IKEA products were placed in that living room.

As part of the Real Life Series, the Swedish furniture chain IKEA simulated three iconic living rooms with furniture from their collection.

In the first example you end up in the living room of the popular animated series ‘The Simpsons’.

If you want to go the same way, just add a pink accent wall to your home and paint the Tyssedal side table in lavender purple.

The space is described as a beautiful room for entire families.

ikea ad simpsons 

The second room is a perfect copy of Monica Geller’s living room in the nineties series ‘Friends’, where basically everything happens.

The interior is described as ‘ideal for friends’ and focuses on a lot of comfortable seating with cushions.

ikea ad friends 

The third and last created room is one for everyone and is inspired by the haunted room in the Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’, including the colored Christmas lights.

For each furnished room, all used furniture is listed in the photos.

You can look it up in the store and then put it together at home.

Note: some items might not be available at your country’s IKEA branch, but with a little creativity and DIY talent you can solve that in no time.

ikea ad stranger things 


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