Why those in the hospitality industry need to stay up to date with a technologically advancing society


According to Adyen, – the global payment firm which offers the online payment platform preferred by many corporate giants – businesses in the hospitality industry would do well to embrace the continuous improvement of their customers’ experience to match the demands of consumers in an ever changing digital world.

As technology progresses, customers are trained to anticipate more haste and convenience in more and more industries. Seeing as hospitality revolves around creating a pleasant experience for the consumer, it’s an industry that may very well come with more expectations than others. Although, research shows that only around 25 percent of companies are putting a conventional digital transformation plan into action.

Keeping with the times

A mere 35 percent of hospitality companies worldwide support contactless payments, and only 28 percent provide one-click purchasing from phones, tablets, or other mobile devices. One way technology can improve the consumer journey is by decreasing queuing time, an aspect that more than 75 percent of companies believe is essential. This can be done by establishing self-service options where customers can check-in or out, order food, or make reservations at their comfort.

Several businesses are reducing waiting times with specifically made apps that enable users to order their meal and pay for it through their phone.

The United Kingdom Managing Director at Adyen, Myles Dawson, says,As consumers we expect a quick and convenient service when spending our money. This doesn’t change when we’re checking into a hotel or enjoying a meal in a restaurant. With half of Brits eating out at least once a week, hospitality is an industry with many opportunities for innovation. Bridging the customer experience gap by making it easier for people to order and pay in the way that works best for them will help create a better overall experience. This will encourage repeat visits from customers and higher spend per transaction.”

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