Why you should consider traveling to Turkey for a hair transplant

hair transplant in turkey

320 million people – this is currently the number of people affected by acute hair loss in the US. The diagnosis of hair loss in men is much more common in comparison with women. Hair loss is mostly caused by androgenetic alopecia (hereditary hair loss).

According to scientific studies, it affects sixty to eighty percent of all men in North America. Hair loss begins slowly, for example with a slowly receding hairline (especially in younger men) or with a thinning and later balding patch on top of the head.

Hair transplant – a permanent solution

Medications such as Rogaine or Finasteride are often able to slow down hair loss and might even be able to stop it. However, hair that is already lost can not be stimulated to grow again. Thus, a bald head area remains bald, no matter what medications and supplements are used.

For this reason, more and more men opt for a hair transplant surgery, so that their once bald spots become full with hair again. The hair transplant is a proven method that also comes with high success rates.

The enormous costs for a hair transplant are not covered by the health insurance, but must be borne by the patient himself. In contrast to the USA, the surgery can be carried out in Turkey at much more favorable conditions.

Why you should consider a hair transplant in Turkey

hair transplant turkey

Turkey is currently regarded as a hotspot for hair transplantation in Europe and patients have the following reasons for this: the significantly lower costs and the many years of experience of the surgeons – especially in the field of FUE hair transplants.

Low fixed and salary costs make it possible for Turkish clinics to perform a hair surgery four to ten times cheaper than in North America. Depending on the number of hair follicles to be transplanted, the cost of treatment in the United States can be more than $20,000 – Turkish hair surgeons charge between $2,000 and $5,000. This results in a notable saving on a hair transplant in Turkey. As usually hair transplant clinics offer a complete all in one package that consists of the surgery itself, luxury hotel, VIP transfer, medication and more, the only additional cost factor would be the flight to Turkey which costs on average $1,000 USD depending on the season and carrier.

Carefully consider the choice of clinic in Turkey

However, the boom in hair transplant surgery in Turkey also means that there are some clinics that want to make quick money but do not deliver the results that patients from abroad expect.

Before doing a hair transplant in Turkey, an intensive and extensive research should definitely take place.

These aspects should be considered when opting for a hair transplant in Turkey!

  • Who is the surgeon for your hair surgery? What kind of impression does the whole team make? Does the hair surgeon personally perform the hair surgery or does he leave the individual work steps to his assistants? What experience does the specialist have in terms of hair transplants? Is he specialized in hair transplants? Some doctors, mostly in the English-speaking world, perform more general plastic surgery but less hair transplants. In particular, the two crucial steps of a hair transplant – the removal of the hair follicles (extraction) and the setting (piercing) of the receiving channels should necessarily be performed personally by the doctor.
  • Where is the operation performed? Certain certifications, such as the TÜV seal, do not say anything about the quality of the surgeon.
  • Will one to two patients be treated at the institute on one day or will it be significantly more? If many patients are treated each day, it is impossible for the doctor to treat anyone by himself. Trainee nurses or technicians then carry out all the work steps. The doctor only draws the hairline in this case.
  • Is there a contact person who speaks English before, during and after the treatment?
  • Is the treatment contract available in English language?
  • Can the surgeon and / or the institute provide references such as before / after photos, patient reports online or patient contacts?

Innovative FUE hair transplant in Turkey

In Turkish clinics the minimally invasive and modern FUE technique (Follicular Unit Extraction) is used by the surgeons most of the times. In comparison, many specialists in the US, for example, use the traditional FUT method (follicular unit transplantation).

The special feature of the FUE technique is that no skin stripe needs to be cut from the donor area from the back of the head. The grafts (follicles) are rather individually extracted in tiny hair units.

As a result, no elongated scar remains visible later and the patient can safely wear short hairstyles after a successful implantation of the grafts.

Procedure of hair transplant via FUE technique

The first step of a hair transplant in Turkey is shaving the hair. What follows next is the targeted extraction of donor hair in the form of hair follicles. Some surgeons also perform hair transplants without prior shaving if requested by patients.

The extracted follicles usually consist of one to four, possibly five hairs. The surgeon uses either an electric hollow needle (micromotor) or extracts the grafts manually. The hollow needle usually has a diameter which is between 0.7 and one millimeter. The doctor may change the instrument during the extraction process, if it is required due to different structure and thickness of the grafts.

This shows another advantage of the FUE technique: cherry picking. During the extraction, the treating surgeon checks the hair follicles via a microscope for their condition. So he can consciously choose the ideal hair units for transplantation. The doctor then sets the receiving channels and implants the hair units.

After the hair transplant

hair transplant after care

The following day, the hair is washed with a mild shampoo. In addition, the patient receives a special lotion, which is applied daily in the recipient area. Through this lotion, the tiny crusts soften, so they fall off faster. After twelve days, the crusts are usually gone and the skin reddening has reduced as well.

About two to five months after the hair surgery, the transplanted hair begins to grow visibly. After about one year, almost all implanted hair follicles will be grown. The formerly bald areas are now full of new hair.


Since hair loss in many cases can be a psychological burden for those affected, a hair transplant surgery is a perfect solution to get back to full hair. In Turkey, patients can be sure to receive excellent treatment from highly qualified surgeons at a significantly lower cost compared to US providers.

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