Wife of Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez flees to Spain

lilian tintori

The wife and daughter of Leopoldo Lopez, the Venezuelan opposition leader who had fled to the Spanish embassy in Caracas, arrived in Madrid.

The Spanish media report this and have been confirmed by the Spanish government.

In a communication, the Spanish government confirms “the arrival of Spain by Lilian Tintori and her youngest daughter, who have decided to use their freedom of movement to come to Madrid, after leaving the Spanish embassy in Venezuela”.

Tintori and her one-year-old daughter are in “perfect health,” the Spanish government reports.

Lilian Tintori is a human rights activist and is the wife of Leopoldo Lopez, the founder of the Venezuelan opposition party Voluntad Popular.

In 2014, Lopez was sentenced to a prison sentence of 14 years for inciting violence, and later his prison sentence was turned into house arrest.

In the context of the power struggle in Venezuela, Lopez was released from his house arrest on April 30 by soldiers who had gone over to the opposition.

He was then shown in a video message on the side of self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido, who is trying to dislodge President Nicolas Maduro from power.

To prevent him from being arrested again, Lopez then fled with his wife and daughter to the Spanish embassy.

Lopez cannot leave the Spanish embassy because the Venezuelan government has issued an arrest warrant against him.

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