Woman died after colleagues distributed sex video of her

woman sex tape suicide

The Spanish police opened an investigation into the suicide of a young woman after her colleagues distributed a sexually tinted video of her at work.

“On 25 May a young woman was robbed of her life at her home,” reads the report from the Madrid local police.

“It is checked whether her death was preceded by a crime concerning her privacy.”

Social media

According to various Spanish media, a five-year-old video of the 32-year-old woman, in which she engaged in sexual acts, was sent by some colleagues in the company where she worked.

A large proportion of the 2,500 employees of truck manufacturer Iveco in San Fernando de Henares, near Madrid, have seen the video.

“The research focuses on colleagues who have distributed the video and whether they are responsible for the desperate act of the young woman,” said the spokesperson.

The wife leaves behind a husband and two children.

The company also responded to the death of his employee.

“It hurts us a lot to have to say goodbye to her. If one of our employees used social media irresponsibly and is therefore responsible for her death, he or she must be punished.”

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